Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Winter Is Coming"

Ah, Friends!  It is true.  Just like the familiar refrain of one of my favorite shows (and book series), Game Of Thrones, I have to admit, "Winter is Coming!"  And is it just me or has it happened rather suddenly.  No, it isn't the temperatures that have cued me into this astonishing insight, its the absence of light.  You see, over the past five months or so, whenever I have woken up at five in the morning, Mr Sun has been out about his business, enthusiastically greeting me with his fabulous display of extravagant colors and soothing playlist of birdsong.  Over the past couple of weeks, I've noticed that Mr Sun seems to be suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder).  The symptoms are quite clear:  he seems to have trouble getting out of bed at his usual time, his extravagant display of colors has become somewhat muted and even a little dreary.  Also, there seems to be a profound absence of birdsong until much later.  Could be his iPod isn't working properly, or maybe his alarm clock is faulty. Either way, as the wonderful characters created by Mr Martin would say, always with ominous tone, "Winter is Coming."  So, here I sit, with only the illumination from my Apple to light the room, and, wait,  I hear a true "early" bird, chirping a singular song.  Yes, I am a little sad to see my cheerful greeting from Mr Sun go.  The wonderful energy that comes from greeting the wonders that is "Dawn" (and no, I am not referring to a special person I know, although, her company has also been known to give a similar jolt).  The kinetic activity of nature and humans all working in rhythm with the Sun's wonderful composition.  Simply beautiful.  However, rest is needed.  Probably even more so after this summer.  Mr Sun must be in love because he was smiling ever so broadly and brightly, and while I am truly happy for him, my poor flowers and lawn had a hard time countenancing his outburst of joy.  Who am I kidding?   I too was wilting somewhat under the happy glare.  "Winter Is Coming" and with it, cooler climes and longer spells of darkness, and my proclivity for hibernating.  It's true, I am part bear.  Truly I am.  I have all the characteristics of one:  I eat a lot, want to do nothing but sleep all day and can become really irritated when my hybernatory habits are interrupted by outsiders.  Also the food choices seem to change from light and lean to heavy and rich.   Other indicators that I am part bear:  cardio becomes walking to the fridge, strength training is defined as opening the door of the fridge and lifting plates or mugs of hot drinks, stretching is reaching for the peanut butter (or chocolate spread) on the top shelf of the grocery cupboard.  You have to agree, all very bear like.  Where I differ from those amazing lumbering creatures is I LOVE snow.  I love the feel of it, the sound of it, the smell of it, and even the taste of it (as long as it is fresh).

Fare Thee Well, Mr Sun.  Enjoy your rest (and shorter working hours).  Bring on the cooler temperatures, the richness of color the trees and plants display, the magical blanket that snow spreads.  The air of enchantment, of change about to happen. Bring on the UV lamp ....

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