Friday, August 3, 2012

The Eye of the Beholder

So I was going through my usual news feed to see what's going on in the world today, when I came across this blog.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love movies.  I would never consider myself a "critic", but I like to think I know greatness from drivel.  Going through that list, I'm not so sure.  That got me thinking again about the age old discussion about art and beauty.  Something that was really entertaining to me, could  easily be not at all entertaining to others.  A piece of art that appeals to my aesthetic, might be considered absolute nonsense to someone else.

In keeping with the original concept, I decided to go through the movies I have seen in this century, so far, and pick out the ones I really enjoyed.

1.  Bridget Jones' Diary

2.  Lord of the Rings (first and third films were the best!)

3.  The Harry Potter series (everyone was well done and totally "magical")

4.  Monster Inc

5.  Captain Corelli's Mandolin (little known, but oh so romantic!)

6.  Catch Me If You Can

7.  The Pianist

8.  About A Boy (I loved the story!)

9.  Minority Report (one of the most watched DVD's in my home)

10.  The Bourne movies

11.  The Spiderman Movies (the old ones stary Toby McGuire and the new reboot)

12.  The Shrek movies

13.  Secondhand Lions  (Great story)

14.  Peter Pan

15.  Mystic River

16.  Matchstick Men

17.  Elf

18.  Super Size Me (my family's support of their chain dwindled to almost nothing since watching that movie!)

19.  Finding Nemo

20.  The Incredibles (laughed out loud in the cinema!)

21.  Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (surprisingly good)

22.  Finding Neverland

23.  The Aviator

24.  Million Dollar Baby

25.  Hellboy

26.  Ray

27. Hotel Rwanda

28.  The Constant Gardner (it seems to move slowly, but the story was really great)

29.  Pride and Prejudice

30.  Walk the Line

31.  A History of Violence

32.  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I really loved Johnny Depp in this movie!)

33.  Cinderella Man (Beautiful!)

34.  The Queen

35.  Casino Royale

36.  Little Miss Sunshine (surprisingly delightful)

37.  Letters from Iwo Jima (even war has two sides)

38.  Ratatouille

39.  Juno

40.  Eastern Promises (violent but great movie)

41.  3:10 to Yuma

42.  Iron Man

43.  Transsiberian

44.  Wall-E

45.  Precious

46.  Up (the best story ever told!)

47.  District 9 (go SA film industry!)

48.  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (the kids enjoyed this one)

49.  Avatar

50.  Inglorious Bastards

51.  Toy Story 3 (WOW!!)

52.  True Grit

53.  The King's Speech

54.  Tangled

55.  Black Swan (twisty)

56.  Inception

57.  Despicable Me

58.  Catfish

59.  Senna (a documentary)

60.  The Artist (surprisingly entertaining)

61.  Moneyball

62.  Mission Impossible (all of the them)

63.  The Descendants

64.  Jane Eyre

65.  Rango

66.  Source Code

67.  The Avengers

68.  Hunger Games

69.  Brave

70.  Jeff, Who Lives At Home

71.  Madagascar 3

72.  Chronicle

73.  The Rum Diaries

74.  Alice in Wonderland

75.  Gran Torino (Mr Eastwood, you amaze me!)

Enjoy your weekend and hope you get to see some great movies - whether in the cinema or at home.

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  1. Yes, I agree with a lot of the movies here. Bond movies and the Mission Impossible series all appeal to me. Same goes for the Matrix.

    Virtually anything directed by Clint Eastwood is great. A perfect world was such a nice little movie.

    I also really enjoyed Hero and Fearless.

    On a slightly lighter note I *loved* Kick-ass and the superheroes series from Marvel comics (Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, etc.) have all been really enjoyable. Also O brother where art thou was hilarious! (that scrapes in on the other guy's definition of including the year 2000).

    Finally, I know it's not part of this century, but for sheer surprise twist The Usual Suspects is on my list of favorite movies along with Pulp Fiction.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum sits Drive and In the name of the King. 2012 - what were they thinking?. One day I will invent a time machine and get those hours of my life back again.