Saturday, August 11, 2012

Snap, Crackle and Pop - The Sounds of Aging

My hubby and I have been on a serious "get healthy" kick.  I wouldn't call it extreme get healthy kick because we still drink our tea and coffee, and still think there's nothing tastier than a good steak.  Our "Health Kick" is more in the shape of (pardon the pun) exercising and including more water, vegetables and fruits in our diet.

It all started when it dawned on me that aging was a progressive thing.  Even worse, it was an "all inclusive" thing too.  Normally, I'm all for "all inclusive".  Who wouldn't be?   A romantic getaway to the Bahamas - absolutely!  A Round the World Vacation - YES and AMEN!  Aging, just isn't one of those things that one would like to be all inclusive.  Wouldn't it be grand to have addendums and exclusions - loopholes that one could use to avoid the fun that is maturing? As they say here in the south, "Heck*, yeah!"   Over the past couple of years or so, I have read a few articles on aging and it's effect on the body.  Let's just say - it ain't purdy!  What is encouraging is that there are ways you can help your body better weather the maturation process thereby aiding in both looking and feeling better. As my hubby and I have discussed this topic over time,  the one thing we do have absolute consensus on:  we don't want to be frail and feeble.  It is our hope and goal, to remain as independent, healthy and vibrant for as long as possible.  Yes, my idea of aging gracefully, includes fighting it, tooth and nail!  If I were a character in a graphic novel - I would be an awesome, sword-wielding amazon, fearlessly infusing dying cells with new life.  In most of the articles I've read on the research into aging, the one thing that has been consistent is the relationship between being physically fit and quality of life.    Needless to say, hubby dearest and I have been working really hard at working up a sweat.  Some days it's not that hard to do.  Just step out the front door and stand on the porch for a few minutes in the middle of Summer, et voila! you have sweat!  Other days, it requires serious motivation and energy,  to get the lazy butt  moving and stay moving.  Most of the time I can get the lazy butt to move, but normally only to the nearest chair, where it then plants itself for the rest of the day.  Overall though, we have done a great job of exercising.  Which brings me to my story ...  Friday, I headed out to the gym early.  On arrival was greeted by a sign that it would be opening later in the morning.  BUMMER!!  I drove back home and was feeling a little irritated at having to drive all the way back into town to get my work out in.  My hubby, ever the problem-solver, suggested I do a little routine with him instead.  It sounded delightful and it would certainly help with my problem, such as it was, so I agreed.  All was going well until we began squats.  It was hard concentrating over the loud "Snap, Crackle and Pop's" our joints were making every time when went down into the first position and then came up again.  Eventually, I just couldn't help myself anymore.

"Darling, if we are going to continue doing these, I think we need some WD-40!  We sound terrible!"

Or, I guess we could just turn up the music next time ....

*Substitution has been used and has thus changed the saying from the original.  Original saying is "Hell, yeah" and was altered to avoid causing offense or black listing by the language police.  Other sayings like "bless his/her heart" have been left in their original form as their actual words are non-offensive although their implication can be.  Please do not repeat the saying in it's original, unaltered, unsubstituted form unless safe to do so.  

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