Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Watching Isaac

Americans are watching with bated breath as Tropical storm Isaac barrels down towards Louisiana.  Engineers have been interviewed reassuring the public that the improvements that have been made to the erstwhile defunct levies, will hold and function as they should.  Still, the local authorities aren't taking any chances.  People are evacuating the lower parishes.  Proper emergency shelters have been prepared to avoid the fiasco that was the Superdome.  Emergency services are on full alert.  Other support services are on their way to Louisiana to offer assistance with clean up and repair work.  

Yet this awful storm that has everyone nervous and worried, also brings with it much needed rain for some of the regions that were worst hit by drought over the summer.  I know, I for one, am looking forward to the rain Isaac will bring.  Heavens knows we need it.  Even so, my heart goes out to the folks who live in Louisiana.  The folks that stayed, after Katrina blew threw and brought such devastation to so many.  The stalwarts who cleaned up, tore down and rebuilt.  My heart goes out to them as they face another big storm and with it, I would imagine, some of their darkest fears.  May the levies hold, the winds weaken, the waters recede.  

So as I say, "Thank you" for the rain, I also think of the folks on the Gulf Coast.  May you all be safe, unharmed, and relatively unscathed.

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