Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Yesterday, in an attempt to avoid the unavoidable (cleaning my floors), I decided to take my dog out for a walk.  Little Thurdy, as we call him, was all excited and happiness was literally radiating off his little, black body.  Even his ears looked happy.  Don't laugh.  This dog really does have very expressive ears.  But I digress, as usual.  While I was walking along our little road, in our little neighborhood, I was doing what most of us do nowadays.  Talking on my phone.  I had a good excuse.  My hubby is back on his travel schedule which means, phones, emails and such are the only way we get to communicate. He had been home for quite a spell due to some illness, so having him gone, as it always is when he has been home for an extended period of time, was a bit hard.  Annnnyway, as I was saying.  I was walking in our neighborhood, not paying any particular attention to anything other than the conversation I was having with my hubby and Thurdy's behavior on the other end of the leash.  We had just turned the corner onto another road that would take us back to the main road.  Dragonflies were darting and playing tag all around our heads.  Their games were driving poor Thurdy quite mad.  It's so hard being a natural born chaser and not being allowed to chase!  I was commenting on how annoyed I was feeling with these little bugs, who were making it necessary for me, to keep a really short leash on my four legged walking companion.  My eye followed a black dragonfly,  who suddenly darted up in a dramatic zigzag.  My breath caught and conversation stopped.  There, in front of me, was the most beautiful composition of light and color I had seen in a long time.   Shafts of translucent yellow bursting from behind a blue cloud. The first thought through my head was, "Oh gosh!  This is so beautiful!"  Followed by "DARN!  I don't have my camera."  Which in turn was followed with, "Your phone has a camera ..."  I quickly apologized to my hubby and put him on hold so I could quickly snap this lovely picture.   While I was trying to get it composed properly in my viewfinder,  my soul whispered, "Hope."  I took a deep breath and smiled.  Thurdy flapped his soft ears, loudly.

"Sorry, Darling." I said to my husband, "I just had to take a picture of this sunset!"  In my heart, I thought, "Wish I could have shared it with you."  So I did.  I uploaded the picture on Facebook.


  1. great pic! Beautiful sunset! Way to go, God!

  2. I can't even take credit for the picture, but it was one of those sunsets where I believe the Angels get to have all kinds of fun playing with light and colors. I'm sure that if we could, we would've heard that sunset was singing :)