Thursday, August 2, 2012

Of Food and Politics

What is a girl to do if she just wants a really good chicken sandwich?  One without a side of reproach and a lashing of intolerance?  It has been a real quandary for me.

There are other chains who make chicken sandwiches.  I've heard tell they are good.  Problem is I've already committed to boycott the one chain for their shameless advertising to kids and for, in my mind, contributing towards the obesity problem that is facing, not just this country, but the world.  Which leaves me with only a few places to go in search of my chicken sandwich.  If taste weren't an issue, I'm sure the other places would be just fine.  But there's something really magical about having a "chikin" sandwich as opposed to a chicken sandwich .... and there in lay my unending struggle.

It's well known amongst patrons,  Chik-Fil-A are a company run on Christian principles.  Just ask any sad soul who had a hankering for their magical "chikin" sandwiches on a Sunday.  Yes, they are one of the few big chains that do not do business on Sunday in adherence to "keeping the Sabbath holy" commandment.  If you think it's a pain having ONE business closed on a Sunday, try the majority of businesses closed for business on Sunday in Germany (no, they do not consider themselves a "Christian" country). You see,  it could be worse as far as inconvenience goes.  Therefore, it couldn't have come as any surprise when the company's CEO was reported as saying that they support the biblical definition of marriage and family.  Again, anyone who has needed their "chikin" fix on a Sunday, could have figured that one out.  Yet the furor his statement caused, I think, surprised everyone.  To my way of thinking, he is entitled to his opinion, and his statements are in line with the principles his company is founded on.  Where my discomfort began was in finding out that they support groups who actively advocate against gay rights.  It just seemed .... wrong to me.  If, as Christians, we are to treat others as we would want to be treated, does it make sense for us to be funding anti-gay rights?  Wouldn't that money be put to better use in supporting education or healthcare for the poor?  Shouldn't we be careful how we tread lest we end up having our rights trodden on?  As Christians, we believe that what you sow, you reap.   We cannot sow intolerance, bigotry and judgment and expect a harvest of mercy, love and peace.  Yes, we have been called to be light and salt in the world, but we achieve that by the love we show each other and in how we treat others who are different from us.  I think there's a reason why Jesus shied away from politics in his time and sometimes I wonder if turning our faith into a political movement, has been a disservice to us as a community, and our faith as a whole.  We can still be involved in politics.  We should go vote, but leave the political maneuvering to the politicians.  When Jesus was presented with a coin and asked who they should pay taxes to (a hot button political issue in his time), Jesus response was to ask them who's head was on the coin.  At that time it was Caesar's.  To which Jesus replied, "Pay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give to God what belongs to God."  Shouldn't we be remembering that we are supposed to be Christ's Ambassadors while we are here on this earth.  The things we say and do in His name reflect on Him.  Are we accurately portraying who Jesus is?  While He was here He was considered by the religious to be a drunkard, glutton, womanizer and a friend of tax collectors.  I have no doubt that if He were here today, He would attend Pride and stop by Chik-Fil-A afterwards for lunch.

In this country, we have freedom of religion and speech.  There was nothing wrong in someone expressing his opinion of an issue.  We shouldn't be trying to bully him just for expressing an opinion, but should a company express an opinion and if it's known for being a Christian company, is it wise to express a political opinion?

While ya'll argue and chew on that, I think I'll go get me a chikin sandwich ...

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