Monday, July 30, 2012


I've noticed there have been some grumblings about NBC's coverage of the Games. Mostly because I'm sitting next to one of the big grumblers, my husband. During the opening ceremony, we found it annoying to have the incessant commentary running in the background. The amount of ad breaks were equally irritating. As actual events have started, the grumbling coming from the left side of my sofa, has continued too. Comments like, "it would be lovely if the event to ad ratio was more screwed in favor of the event!" and "how do you mean, you'll be right back?! You've just gotten back from half an hour of adverts!". Apparently, camera work and general production hasn't been all that great either. Do the ads bother me? Well, in all honesty, I tune them out. It is annoying when you're watching diving and they break away for an ad break right when your favorite athletes are walking the plank, as it were, but I've come to accept that is the price you pay for a monopoly. Let's face it, if other networks were also carrying the Olympics and therefore bring some much needed competition, maybe ad slots would be better chosen - then again, maybe not. What I did find rather sad is NBC's reluctance to stream the events as they happen. I may not want to stay up to watch a race or event at three in the morning, but there are those that do. In today's world, it seems almost childish to tell folks, "but I don't want to because then you won't watch it on TV and I paid all this crazy money for you to watch it on TV and now I'm going to stomp my foot and pout!". Still, I try to focus on the positives: I get to watch the Games. Even, cold and old, it's still a thrill to watch the athletes compete. The light athlete back stories they bring us can be annoying, but this is a generation who enjoy reality shows like "Keeping up with the Kardashians" and The Bachelor/ette. Just as there are many who enjoy those particular program's, I'm certain that there are many who enjoy the back stories. There will always be something to complain about, instead, why not focus on some of the amazing surprises we have been able to bare witness to. Like Kazakstan winning gold in the men's cycling event. That dude came from nowhere and took the medal right from under everyone's noses! The women's skeet shooting event. Our athlete shot a 99 out of 100!! Isn't that just, wow! Or the French swimming team reclaiming their medal in the men's relay. Awesome race!! In our grumbling about the irritations and frustrations let's not forget the wonderful achievements we are baring witness to. Cold and old or hot and fresh, it's STILL the olympics that we get to see in the comfort of our homes.

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  1. The poor sods at NBC seem to be going from one fail episode to the next. If it's not just delaying the results and then letting the cat out of the bag before showing the race then it's getting people banned from twitter that say nasty things about them.